To invite your team members to your organization, please go to the 'Users' tab on the 'Account' page.  You can add users and assign access privileges here. 

Please note that the invitees need to first sign up for StellarStation.  They can do so through our sign up page:

Once you send an invite, your teammates will get the following email.  They will be added to your organization upon clicking the URL.


Subject: You're invited to join YOUR ORGANIZATION on StellarStation


Follow this link to join YOUR ORGANIZATION on StellarStation.

URL to join the organization.

Access Control

The following table shows the difference in privileges of an 'Operator' and 'Administrator'.

Can receive notification emails and reports

Can view satellite properties

Can view ground station information

Can reserve passes

Can edit unavailability windows

Can view organization information

Can edit organization information

Can view organization members

Can grant operator role

Can grant admin role

Can view issued API key metadata

Can issue API keys