We understand the importance of transporting your data through our network in a reliable, fast and secure manner. From the beginning of the project, security implementation policies have been at the core of our business and our system designers have incorporated several security measures in order to guarantee secure operation of your space assets through StellarStation. The following are just some of the security measures that are already up and running in our system:

Google Cloud Services

  • The core services for our network are deployed on Google Cloud, which is a guarantee in terms of secure service provision for our customers.
  • For more detailed information on the security of Google Cloud based services, please contact either our customer success team by the link at the bottom or read the following articles on the security of the Google Cloud services: [1][2].

Encryption and Secure Access

  • Our network runs its services over end-to-end encrypted communications channels that follow the latest security standards for web services like HTTPS.
  • Each of the deployed sharing devices at each antenna location is secured through a firewall system in order to guarantee that only authorized users can access the remote assets of the network.
  • Serving infrastructure is split into services by clear concerns, and any service only has the minimal permissions needed to function.

Software Update Policy

  • Network services are automatically updated to the latest version of operating systems and components.
  • Remote sharing devices are continuously managed and have updates and fixes deployed quickly after system-level (e.g. operating system) vulnerabilities are identified.
  • Through implementation of these policies, our system is continuously updated against attacks through recently discovered vulnerabilities.