Before starting actual operation with a ground station connected to StellarStation, we offer compatibility testing to verify the compatibility between the RF interface of your satellite and the ground station. Although the detailed method will be determined after a consultation with the StellarStation support team, there are generally four ways that we can conduct such a test.

Certified modem compatibility

If the satellite's on-board modem has already been certified for use with the ground station, then the satellite operator can skip the compatibility test.  

Physical compatibility test at the ground station site

If you are in the early stage of the satellite development and want to know the compatibility between the satellite on-board modem that you've chosen and the ground station, you can test the compatibility by physically connecting the satellite modem to the ground station.  This requires transporting the modem to the ground station site for the test.

Recorded IQ test at the ground station site

If you are unable to send the satellite modem to the ground station site, we can also perform compatibility testing using an IQ recording of a satellite pass.

In-orbit compatibility testing

If your satellite is already in the orbit and there is no way to test compatibility on the ground, we can offer a few test passes to test the compatibility with the ground station.

End-to-end System Test

If you would like to test end-to-end communications from your satellite to your satellite operation system via StellarStation, we can support testing with a configuration such as the one shown below. With this configuration you can verify the compatibility of the entire communication channel.